Project Details

Client: KKW Beauty

Date: November 26, 2018

The White Walls Fabrication team was tapped to create a full store build for Kim Kardashian West's KKW Beauty pop-up in Costa Mesa, California. We created a highly instagrammable retail environment featuring an extensive array of build/design elements consisting of multiple set walls with backlit and push-through signs. Large scale build highlights included an ultra-light beam corridor featuring acrylic tubes filled with glittery metallic liquid that rotated continuously via motorized mixers.
Additional immersive features of the pop-up included a Crystal Garden, comprised of iridescent vinyl-wrapped acrylics that were lit from the interior and molded to various size crystals, an oversized version of KKW Beauty's Body Box fragrance packaging, and CNC & laser cut acrylic trays, which were frame polished and used to display product. Production + Design : Lauren Drablier + Trask House. Photos By : Simon Berlyn

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